What materials can the industrial shredder shred?

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In the field of recycling, many times we need to recycle waste materials. Industrial shredders can help us break large pieces of material into small pieces, and then it is easier to recycle the next step.

The dual-shaft shredder commonly used in the industry is generally called a dual-shaft shear shredder, which mainly crushes materials through shearing, squeezing and tearing. It is mainly used for the preliminary shredding of industrial waste to achieve volume reduction and crushing. As we all know, industrial waste materials include metals, plastics, tires, fabrics, wood, etc., so we often need a shredder equipment with wide applicability, anti-entanglement, large output, and high efficiency. These are precisely double-shaft shredders. The product characteristics of the equipment, so in the mixed industrial waste treatment projects we do, almost all the crushing equipment uses double-shaft shredders.

1. The main shaft has undergone many heat treatments and high-precision processing, with good mechanical strength, strong impact resistance and long service life

2. Brand-name high-quality cutters, with good hardness and long life, suitable for cutting and crushing various soft and hard materials

4. Using planetary reducer, high transmission efficiency, large output torque and long service life

5. Intelligent technology, realize automatic lubrication, intelligent detection, abnormal alarm, design intelligent protection system for unbreakable objects

6. The fixed knife adopts the anti-winding design to prevent the soft materials in the industrial waste from tangling the knife body and improve the continuity of production.

How to maintain the industrial shredder? First of all, we must standardize the production operation. Standardized operation is a guarantee to ensure the normal and continuous operation of the shredder. It can be put into use after installation and debugging by the installer; secondly, ensure that the materials are clean and avoid entering foreign materials ; Carry out the production operation of the shredding equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or instructions. If any abnormalities are found, shut down the equipment for inspection in time. After regular inspections, the equipment must be repaired and replaced in time. If problems occur, it will be fine. It is very helpful to improve the service life of the shredder by maintaining regular inspection of the equipment, and finding and solving problems in time.

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