How to recycle copper in waste wire and copper wire?

Author:Suny Group

Scrap wire and copper wire are relatively common in our daily life, and a large amount of waste copper wire is also produced every year, so how to effectively recycle and process these waste copper wire?

When processing waste copper wire, we usually use a copper wire recycling machine, which shreds the waste copper wire, and then separates copper particles and plastic particles. Commonly known as copper wire recycling machine.

Scrap copper wire
Scrap copper wire

copper wire recycling machine generally consists of crusher, sorting machine, and dust removal equipment. First, the collected scrap wire is put into the crusher for crushing. Sometimes, if the scrap copper wire is relatively thick or the output required by the customer is relatively high, two crushing operations are required. After being crushed, the material will enter the air separation screen, and the copper and plastic will be separated through the screening of the air separation screen. The principle is to use the different weights of copper and plastic for sorting, so that the airflow sorting screen is also called specific gravity sorting equipment. In addition, in order to meet environmental protection requirements, copper wire recycling machines are generally equipped with pulse dust removal equipment to purify the exhaust gas generated during the operation of the equipment.

Generally, customers need to test the copper wire recycling machine first, because the waste copper wire to be processed by each customer is different. To achieve the perfect recycling effect, it needs to go through continuous equipment debugging until the customer is satisfied. Only when the sorting rate is above 99%, will it be customized for customers.

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