How to separate aluminum and plastic in aluminum plastic waste?

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With the in-depth application of aluminum-plastic in various industries, aluminum-plastic composite materials have become more and more widely used, and aluminum-plastic composite materials can be seen everywhere. Among them, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic pipes, and aluminum-plastic composites are widely used. While these aluminum-plastic products have brought great convenience to people's lives, the increase in waste aluminum-plastic materials has also increased the difficulty of processing, so what if it is feasible and reasonable to recycle aluminum-plastic waste?

Aluminum plastic waste

The aluminum-plastic waste separator is specifically designed to decompose waste tablet boards, aluminum-plastic composite panel waste, aluminum-plastic decorative panel waste, aluminum-plastic edge strips produced in the production process of aluminum-plastic panel, and a large number of aluminum-plastic composite panel waste eliminated in the society. A process for recycling metal aluminum and plastic. The equipment has high degree of automation, easy operation, high stability and labor saving.

The waste aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment can turn these wastes into valuables without secondary pollution. It is made by environmentally friendly and energy-saving separation methods, and the investment is quickly recovered. The waste aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment (electrostatic separator) produced by Henan manufacturers can not only separate various metals and plastics or other impurities, such as aluminum-plastic, waste printed circuit boards (copper and PCB), waste cables, etc. It can also sort all kinds of plastics such as PET, PVC, PP, PS, etc., which has an irreplaceable effect on saving resources and protecting the environment. Waste aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment refers to the complete dry physical separation of equipment that completely separates aluminum-plastic composite materials into aluminum and plastic, which does not cause secondary environmental pollution and has good social and economic benefits.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine

Aluminum-plastic waste separation and recycling process: the aluminum-plastic composite material contains PVC material, and the unique two-to-four-cavity structure, the inner and outer layers are covered with aluminum alloy, which has the function of heat preservation. The method of heating and separation is processed by this feature, but At the same time, harmful substances such as smoke and odor are produced, which is not ideal; and some use of potion separation is even less environmentally friendly. The special crusher crushes the aluminum-plastic material to a particle size of less than 1.5mm. Due to the large difference in the softening value of the two materials, such mixed particles are very suitable for the separation of high-voltage electric separators, plus a dust removal device, no dust and separation High purity. The big advantage of this production line is that the separated aluminum pellets and plastic pellets can be sold directly on the market, which cannot be achieved by other methods.

Aluminum-plastic waste separator price: according to the configuration and output of the equipment and the aluminum content of the customer's scrap, the price is different. In order to ensure the effect, it is recommended that the customer send the aluminum-plastic waste for actual use, or go directly to the factory to check the effect. If you are satisfied, then set the relevant output and configuration settings, and buy reliable equipment at a reasonable price.


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