What is the principle of scrap wire stripping machine?

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A wire stripper is a machine that strips the plastic skin and the metal core of the waste wires and other outer wraps. It is a popular machine in the machinery industry now. Automatic adjustment of length, automatic input and output, timed automatic start, wireless or knotted automatic stop.

The working principle of waste cable stripping machine:

Before starting to separate and recycle the surface layer of the waste cable from the inner core, the street of the cable should be cut off to ensure the long-term durability of the blade, and then start feeding, the cable surface layer will be cut by the surface layer through the blade on the machine, and then by the conveyor belt The cut waste cable is sent to the drum, and the inner core and the surface layer begin to separate through the strong extrusion force of the drum, and then the personnel begin to tell that the surface layer and inner core are sorted and tied. This is the complete working principle of the waste cable stripping machine. .


Precautions during recycling:

1. Note that the blade should not be too sharp, so as not to damage the inner core, and pay attention to setting the position of the blade according to different cables.

2. Pay attention to check whether the position is wrong when feeding.

3. Pay attention to whether the pressure of the springs on both sides is too tight, too tight will cause the cable to not pass.

The recycling of waste cables is beneficial to the environment and to the enterprise without any harm. In the past, manual recycling was not only labor-intensive but also inefficient, and it was impossible to recover cables quickly and effectively. The waste cable stripping machine is this. Special purpose machinery. If you have any need, please contact us for consultation.


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