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E-waste recycling has a lot of problems

Time:2016-05-07 16:07 Author:Suny Group

Earth will produce large amounts of electronic products, these products after use, produce a large amount of waste electrical appliances. E-waste contains a large number of heavy metals and other toxic substances, if let the electronic waste discarded, poses a great threat to the earth's environment, at the same time, there are many electrical parts and components in the electronic waste, still can use after processing, so any discarded waste electrical is a huge waste.

In order to protect the environment, recycling resource effectively, we should set up a strict, convenient and efficient appliances recycling system.

Many recycling programs basic electronics retailer, they are not keen on recycling. Build a simple and effective electronics recycling system, for most of the appliances retail company, there are a great distance.

Large electronics retailers to sell each year millions of electronic products, including mobile phones, televisions and computers, etc., for the sustainable development of the industry have a big impact. Many years later, when the industry embarked on recovering waste electrical appliances, action process is slow.

If establish an effective electrical appliance recycling system, can obtain good economic benefit, but also can promote customer traffic. For retailers, create convenient system, make customers is necessary to recycle waste electrical appliances. From a utilitarian perspective, it will attract customers back, when they submit the waste electrical appliances, can be related to persuade customers to buy new appliances. Not only that, the customer is likely to be helping to buy other varieties of electrical appliances. Many retail are expected to have repeat customers, and recycling is one of the important initial attract customers back.

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