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Solar Panel Recycling Plant

  • Product Introduction:

Solar Panel Structure: Aluminium Frame--Tempered Glass---Encapsulant- EVA---Solar cells---Encapsulant - EVA---Back Sheet---Junction Box.

We can Recycle Metal( Copper, Silver etc), Silicon, Plastic and Glass from the Whole Process.

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    Solar Panel Recycling Equipment

    Solar PV recycling (photovoltaic) is an up and coming waste stream generated in both consumer and commercial fields of use. While demand may not be terribly high at the moment, there are many early-era solar power systems or solar PV systems that will soon be reaching their end of life cycle. SUNY GROUP stands ready to deliver industry leading end of life management solutions for commercial and consumer solar energy systems.

    The rest of the components in a solar panel consist of good quality glass, aluminium frames, polymers,silicon, copper and silver paste (used for the printed conductors on each cell), all of which (≥95%), can be successfully recycled.

    Solar Panel Structure


    Photovoltaic panels contain high components such as glass, aluminum, adhesive sealant, silicon, and silver, as well as rare metals such as steel and gallium, which have very good resource utilization value. SUNYGROUP's equipment recycles waste photovoltaic panels through physical means such as automatic dismantling, crushing, and sorting, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling useful components.

    Solar Panel Recycling Technology

    ① The frame of the solar panel is removed by the frame removal machine.

    ② Remove glass on the photovoltaic panel by a glass remover machine.This is the photovoltaic panel after removing the glass:

    Photovoltaic panel after removing the glass

    ③ The solar photovoltaic panels with the aluminium frame and glass removed enter the twin shaft shredder. The twin-shaft shredder tears the PV panels into strips. Next, the material enters the crusher. The shredder crushes the material into small pieces of 1-2 cm.

    Solar photovoltaic panels are broken

    ④ Through negative pressure feeding, these small pieces will enter the Fine grinder.The fine grinder we configure is with return material, if the particle size is unqualified, it will be returned to the fine grinder.Qualified sizes enter the air separator.The metal powder is screened out from one side of the air separatorThe other side is plastic and a small amount of metal.

    ⑤ These plastics and a small amount of metal enter the electrostatic separator.The pure plastic and metal are again sorted out.This is part of the output of solar photovoltaic panels after crushing, sorting and recycling:

    Output material



    PART 1: Aluminum frame removing machine

    PART 2: Glass removing machine

    PART 3: Solar panels crushing and sorting plant


    Aluminum frame removing machine

    Glass removing machine

    Crushing and sorting machines

    Glass removing machine: Removing most of the glass from the surface Processing Width 1250mm.

    Aluminum frame removing machine: Removing the aluminum frame at the edge of the solar panel.

    Crushing and sorting machines: The treated solar panels then pass through the crushing and sorting equipment to obtain metal powder.


    Capacity300 Kg/H500 Kg/H1000 Kg/H
    Power102 Kw134 Kw194 Kw
    Weight15 Ton20 Ton30 Ton
    Dimension (m)20*5*525*6*530*6*5


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