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Portable Wet Wipes Making Machine

  • Product Introduction:

ZY series wet wipes production line is used to produce disposable household cleaning wet wipes or baby wipes...

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    ZY series wet wipes production line is used to produce disposable household cleaning wet wipes or baby wipes. Fully automatic wet towel production equipment can meet the needs of enterprises for high production capacity, and multiple models of products can be selected, with production capacity of 400pcs/min- 16000pcs/min; Packing: 10pcs/bag-80pcs/bag, large cloth cutting range with large throwing knife, automatic connection between cloth placing frame and film placing shaft, reduced time for replacing raw materials, and effectively improved working efficiency; On-line inspection of cloth joints and on-line removal of connection joints ensure the quality of products.


    Spunlace nonwoven,Hot rolled fabric,degradable non-woven fabrics,wet strength paper etc.Specification nonwovens Max width is 1 200mm, two independent rolls in one reel shaft..


    Applicable packing materials: PET/PE BOPP PET/AL/PE and other hot sealable materials Film rolling speification: Max width is 420mm, diameter is 360mm. Applicable labels: transparent labels & non-transparent labels; Metal labels are optional; Label speification: Max W100mm,φ400mm 2-axis labels are prepared.



    Wet tissue equipment is used to produce baby wipes, disinfected wet wipes, cleaning wet wipes and other types of wet wipes, wet wipes folding method, a pack of quantity, opening method etc., can be customized and adjusted.



    Product Name6 Lines Full Atomatic Wet Wipes Machine
    PowerAC 380V  50HZ/60HZ  18kw
    CapacityFolding Machine: 2520Pcs/Min 420Cuts/Min
    Packing Machine: 65Bags/Min
    Lid Machine: 70Bags/Min
    Weight5000 KG
    Support LanguagesChinese, English, French
    Raw MaterialSpunlace Nonwoven Fabric, Hot-rolled Non-woven Fabric Dust-free Fabric
    Air supply requirements 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa     Gas consumption:0.15m³/min

    Product Name12 Lines Full Atomatic Wet Wipes Machine
    Model NumberSYF12
    CapacityWet Wipes Folding Machine 4000-4800 pcs/min
    Packing MachineMax.70 bags/min
    Lid MachineMax.70 bags/min
    Electricity6.5mm² Copper
    VoltageWet Wipes Folding Machine AC380V  50/60HZ
    Packing Machine AC220V  50/60HZ
    Lid Machine AC220V  50/60HZ
    Folding WayN-shape,C-shape,Y-shape; Y-shape pop-up
    Air Supply0.3-0.8Mpa, 600L/min
    Machine Weight7.5 tons
    LanguageChinese/English/other customized
    Water Tank600L*1

    Product Name20 Lines Full Atomatic Wet Wipes Machine Fabric SpecificationMaxφ1100mm W(90-210) mm
    CapacityFolding8000pcs/min, 400cuts/minFabric Roller Dia76.2mm
    Packing65-80bag/minWipe Unfolding SizeL(110-240) x W(90-210) mm
    Lid applicator70-80lids/minWipe Folding SizeL(110-240) x W(90-110) mm
    Line requirement16mm²Film MaterialPET/PE, PET/AUPE, PET/ALCPP BOPP/PE/AUPE
    PowerAC380V 50HZ60HZ 41KWFilm Thickness0.07mm-0.09mm
    Folding Methodinterfold or single extractionFilm Rollerφ70-75mm
    Air Pressure0.6-0.8MPA; Air consumption 0.3m³/minFilm Specificationφ350mm Width400mm
    Machine Weight17000kgPacking SizeL(150-230)xW(100-120)x(30-80)mm
    Machine Size26100x3580x2060mmLabel TypeTransparent & non transparent lables
    LanguageChinese/English/Spanish  (customized)Label SizeStandard 35-50mm, customizable
    Fabric MaterialSpunlace nonwoven, degradable nonwoven fabric,air lid paper etcHole SizeStandard 20-40mm, customizable
    Fabric RollerTwin rolls,10 axes ruming,10 axes stand-by,automatic splicing
    Label thickness0.06mm-0.08mm
    Tank Volume2*1000L
    Note: Capacity is different, according to different pcs per bag and packing film types.




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