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Photooxygen Catalytic Gas Purifier

  • Product Introduction:

Photooxygen catalytic gas purifier with a special high energy high ozone UV ultraviolet beam, fetor, change odorous gases

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    Photooxygen catalytic gas purifier with a special high energy high ozone UV ultraviolet beam, fetor, change odorous gases such as: ammonia and trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan, sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, styrene, carbon disulfide and sulfur H2S, VOC, molecular chain structure of benzene, toluene, xylene, organic or inorganic polymer odorous compounds molecular chain, under high energy beam exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, degraded into low molecular compounds, such as CO2, H2O, etc.

    High using high-energy UV ultraviolet light decomposition of ozone in the air molecules to produce free oxygen, namely reactive oxygen species, with electron-positron imbalance by free oxygen so need to combine with oxygen, which produce ozone.UV + O2 - O - + O * (ros) O + O2 and O3 (ozone), known as the ozone oxidation of organic matter with a strong, for odorous gases and other irritating odor have immediate removal effect.

    Photooxygen catalytic gas purifier using high-energy UV ultraviolet light and ozone oxidation reaction of fetor synergy decomposition, make its fetor material degradation into low molecular compounds, water and carbon dioxide, again through the exhaust pipe outside.


    Efficient removal of malodor: It can effectively remove volatile organic compounds (VOC), inorganic substances, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans and other major pollutants, as well as various malodors, deodorization efficiency up to 99%.

    No need to add anything, no pretreatment required: malodorous gases do not require special pretreatment.

    The equipment has a small footprint and light weight: it is suitable for special conditions such as compact layout and narrow space.

    High-quality imported materials manufacturing: high fire resistance, high corrosion resistance, stable performance and long service life.


    According to the user's needs, the process design can be controlled by self-control or manual control, and the training of the complete set of safe operation process of the activated carbon adsorption device is provided.


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