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Eddy Current Separator

  • Product Introduction:

Eddy current separator is mainly used for recycling copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from industrial waste and living garbage waste.

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    Eddy current separator is mainly used for recycling copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from industrial waste and living garbage waste, can be widely used in garbage disposal, recycling of waste electrical appliance, other environmental industry and Non-ferrous metal materials processing industry. For a variety of non-ferrous metals,with high separation effect and reliable mechanical structure.

    Eddy current separator is based on the principle of conductor in the high frequency alternating magnetic field can generate induced current, it’ll produce high frequency alternating intense magnetic field in the surface of magnetic roller while working, When the non-ferrous metal with electrical conductivity through the magnetic field,and will induced eddy current in the non-ferrous metal.

    The eddy current itself will generate the magnetic field opposite with the original direction, the Non-ferrous metal (such as aluminum, copper, etc.) will leap with the conveying direction, due to the repulsion of the magnetic field, to achieve the purpose of separation, separate the metal and non-metal materials. The main criterion to distinguish is the ratio of material conductivity and density values, the higher ratio value is more likely to separate.

    The Eddy current separator of non-ferrous metal is consist of the separator main body and control cabinet; Main body is mainly composed of separation assembly, drive motor, frame and the cover body parts. Sorting assembly is the core components, equipped by permanent magnet drum, material conveying system (including material conveyor belt, conveyor belt drive drum motor and reducer).


    1.Abundant experience in design and production, ensure that the mature product technology, stable performance and reliable in quality.

    2. Product batch production, mature technology, stable quality.

    3. Simple structure, convenient installation, use and maintenance.

    4. Key components are all international famous brand products.

    5. Safety equipment is complete, the function is perfect.

    6. Beautiful appearance, guard plate, door plank for stainless steel wire drawing board, high-grade door lock.


    ZY-ECS 4003.0+0.55 Kw2-4 T/H1000 Kg
    ZY-ECS 6004.0+0.75 Kw4-6 T/H1400 Kg
    ZY-ECS 8005.5+1.1 Kw5-10 T/H1800 Kg
    ZY-ECS 10007.5+1.5 Kw6-12 T/H2200 Kg
    ZY-ECS 120011+2.2 Kw7-13 T/H2400 Kg
    ZY-ECS 150011+3.0 Kw8-15 T/H2600 Kg


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