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Automatic Tyre Recycling Machine

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The resource of waste tyres are mainly from waste tyres, waste tyre tubes, waste rubber belt, waste rubber hose, and waste rubber overshoes, then from the waste products and leftover bits generated while manufacturing rubber products. It belongs to one large categories of industry solid waste.

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  • Brief introduction:The resource of waste tyres are mainly from waste tyres, waste tyre tubes, waste rubber belt, waste rubber hose, and waste rubber overshoes, then from the waste products and leftover bits generated while manufacturing rubber products. It belongs to one large categories of industry solid waste. In order to protect the environment and reduce the waste rubber pollution to environment, realizing the recycling and reusing of waste rubber, especially waste tyres is of great necessity. Carrying out the recycyling and reusing of waste tyres is the effective waynof changing waste to treasure, disadvantage to advantage, avoiding the wasterubber pollution to environment; is the method of developing economy to make waste rubber to be recycled and reused; is the base of fulfilling International Environmental Conventions and Agreements and doing environment good foreign affairs.Presently, waste tire recycling equipment provided by our domestic competitors usually can produce 20-40 mesh rubber powder under normal temperature. However, low capacity and overusing of energy generate huge cost on production. Developed countries, such as Canada, a dopt liquid nitrogen freezing technique to freeze used tires at temperature of -180°C~160°C, then smash them with hammer-crusher or roller-crusher to make the steel wire and fibers apart from broken rubber blocks quickly. This technique requires too much liquid nitrogen and is too costly.

    A. Steel-extracting machine:The steel wire is separated from the tire pieces through hydraudic pressure mechanical power.

    B. Rough shredder:The tyre which has been removed out the steel wire is shreded into blocks about 50mm-100mm. Then they are transported into medium shredder for further process by conveyor.

    C. Meduim shredder: the function of the rough shredder is further cutting the tyre blocks into 10-20mm granules.

    D. Magnetic separator:magnetic separator which is used for removing steel wire from discharge port of all medium shredders if there is any steel wire remaining in tire blocks or granules, it will separate the blocks again and returns them to smashing room and till wires are removed fully. Meanwhile it does not affect the fine shredder’s working .

    E.Fine shredder: The new-brand explosion-proof structural design, uncreasingly inject the nitrogen during the work process, because the temperature is increasing unceasingly. Simultaneously, this machine shredder the material to 3-5mm.

    F. Double class powder grinder: grind 3-5mm granules into 40-80 mesh rubber powder.

    G. Fiber separator: create air eddy and separate rubber granules from fiber then according to your requirements classify the rubber powder from 40 to 80 meshes.

    H. Packing platform: realize packing as certain quality according to customer’s requirement.

    1. Hydraulic tire cable extractor

    ModelPowerOil cylinder maximum tripAdapt to the tiretensionReciprocating speed(Time/Min)Weight(kg)Size of oppearance

    Use structure and principle

    This machine consists of motor,hydraulic system,extracting hook,extracting mouth,main machine farme etc.The basic work principle is:the motor drives the hydraulic system and oil cyclinder,the hook is welded on the draw bar of the cylinder.the reciprocating movement of the oil pump and oil cylinder will cause the hook reciprocation.

    Put the tire onto the hook mouth,extend the hook out of the mouth and hook onto the tire lip,the start the motor.Owing to the strong extracting force of the oil cylinder,the wire cable will be taken out as a whole ring.


    If the buyer want to save the cost,he should choose this machine.Small power consumption,easy operation,convenient in movement.


    Take out the wire cable from the tyre side


    It is manually operating machine,It would be a hard job for the worker whn he is dealing with a big tyre,and the efficeient is low.

    2. Tyre cutter

    ModelPowerAdapt to the tireSize of oppearance

    Application:to cut the tyre into sections at any length.It can be applied to cut any kind of rubber tyres.

    Structure and work theory

    It is consists of motor,hydraulic system,oil cylinder,a pair of knife,machine shelf,and driven mechanism.Its work theory is as the following:the motor drives the hydraulic system and oil cylinder,put the tyre between the knives,the start the cutting knifes to form a scissors to cut off the tyres.


    This machine adopts big knife to make a easy cutting,high speed,low power consumption,small in size,and very convenient in movement.By the application of hydraulic system,the operation becomes very convenient and safe.

    3. whole tyre crusher

    1Size of input material(mm)Diameter800 whole tyreDiameter1200 whole tyre
    2Size of output pieces(mm)50x5060x60
    3Shredding capacity0.8~1.2 Tons/Hr1.5~3 Tons/Hr
    4Motor power(6 poles)7.5+7.5Kw15+15Kw
    5Figure dimension(L×W×H)3280x1870x2900mm5200x2800x3500mm
    6Total weight5800Kg15600Kg


    This machine adopts a Germany technology.It crushes a whole tyre into the lumps at the size of 3~8cm directly,which will be ready for the shredding into the rubber powder at the size of 10~30 meshes and separating the wire pieces and fibers.


    This machine possesses such features as compact structure,advanced technology,low energy onsumption,high efficiency etc.The crushing room adopts split structure,which is veryconvenient to maintenance.The machine adopts hard alloy steel as its blade,high rigidity and wearable.It could be re-used by sharpening for extending the service lifetime.

    4. Rubber powder mill 560

    ModelRoll diameter*lengthRoll Rotate speedQuantityPower(kw)Overall size(m)   Weight
    XKP-560560*800mm25.6r/min 1set1105320*2300*200021.3t

    Primarily pulverizing mill for crushing waste tires conducted at ambient temperature. Having a coarse pulverization, fine pulverization, and function of the isolated steel wire, etc.. The the material crushing effect of wire moles ideal. This machine adopts rotary milling works, material particles a performance of 10-30 mesh, screening, conveying pure colloidal particles can reach about 99% of the magnetic separator. Such as the need 40-100 purposes crumb, about 30 mesh particles directly ultrafine mill group processing.

    5.800 sieves

    Model800 type
    Number of mesh15-40mesh
    Motor power3
    Time of to-and-fro(time/minute)260

    800 is a special rubber sieve that should be work together with the rubber shredders.It characteristics as good out-looking,low noise,high intensity,and low errors;It is widely used by rubber powder factories for grading the rubber powders.

    6.Model ZY-CX30 Magnetic separator

    Magnetic roller diameter300mm400mm300mm
    Magnetic roller speed0.648m/s0.33m/s0.648m/s
    Motor power0.55Kw0.55Kw0.55Kw
    Size of oppearance800x920x710920x1000x810500x750x600

    It works by the theory of permanent magnetism rollers.It is widely used for separating the foreign metal matters from such materil of rubber powder,coal powder,construction material,glass material etc.It improves the material quality obviously by separation the mini metal powders.

    7.Fiber separator

    Model1100 type
    Diameter of impeller1100
    Number of impeller(piece)8
    Rotate speed of main axis400
    Motor power5.5

    It is a latest design of air separating equipment with good work performance.It is applied to separating the mini fiber piece from the rubber powder to improve its quality.It can alsobe applied to clarifying powder material in other Chemical industry.

    ModelPowerInput sizeOutput sizecapacity/hWeightSize of oppearance


    It is applied to produce the super fine rubber powder at the size of 40-100 meshes.Structure and work theory

    This unit consists of two or three sets of pulverizer, whirl wind collection,and electric devices.The main machine consists of machine shelf,main motor,step less variable speed motor,material feeding,and adjust ment mechanism,and a pair of movable disk and stationary disk.The basis work theory is the two disks move relatively,when the rubber come between them,it will be pulvenized.For guaranteeing the rubber power quality,the machine is cooled by water or wind.The material feeding is controlled by step less motor,so,the speed could be controlled accordingly to guarantee the wanted quality and capacity.The final powder is collected by whirl wind collector.There isn't any dust in the whole process.


    Small figure,low noise,high production capacity,low power consumption,easy operation,convenient maintenance,and no pollution.The rubber powder is even in size and with burr surface,which would be a good condition to combine with other material.

    9.LXS-315 centrifugal sieve

    ModelPowerrevolutionMeshcapacity/hSize of oppearance

    Structure and principle

    This machine is consists of machine shelf,centrifugal sieve,whirl wind separator,and motor.The material is feed via the hopper loader,then go to the centrifugal sieve,under the effect of centrifugal force,the material will go through the filter to reach the purpose of clarifying.The user can choose any size of the filter as per the market requirement of the powder sizes.This machine has such advantages of small figure,no noise,no vibration,low power consumption,easy maintenance,and easy operation.

    10.ZY-22-I Crusher

    Size of input granules(mesh)<200<250
    Size of output granules(mesh)2-202-20
    Element power(Ke)1522


    This machine is applied to crushing such material as rubbers,plastics,chemical material,herbs etc.

    Structure and principle

    Structures:The knife of this machine is made of high quality alloy,it is very durable.This machine can be applied to crush many kinds of hard materials.By the rotation of rotary knives,the material will be cut off between the rotary knives and stationary knives.The size of the final particle will be controlled by the size of filter.It can produce any size of rubber particles by changing the filter sizes.To guarantee the material quality,this machine is equipped with water cooling or wind cooling to make sure the material is crushed at a normal temperature.

    11.ZY-800 Strong shaker

    Number of mesh12-20012-20012-20
    Vibrating frequency(time/min)150015001500
    Overall size(L×W×H)1100×950×1150        (double outlet)1330×110×1280        (double outlet)1380×1350×1320        (double outlet)

    Structure and principle

    General Description:A new application of rubber particles is that no make a sports ground.The market demand of this material is in the trend of increase.In this regards,we have designed and produced this machine to clarifying the rubber particles.

    The rubber powder are widely used and almost covers all industrial fields. It can replace the material such as plastic and PVC, instead of nature rubber, be rebirth tires .It is used in sport runway and shoe soles, it also can be used to highway, air trip as well as third generation railway sleeper as modification asphalt and so on.

    The rubber powder are widely used and almost covers all industrial fields. It can replace the material such as plastic and PVC, instead of nature rubber, be rebirth tires .It is used in sport runway and shoe soles, it also can be used to highway, air trip as well as third generation railway sleeper as modification asphalt and so on.

    Market development prospect

    The means of recycling waste tire is that separate the inner steel wire and fibre from waste tire through all kinds of technology and granulate the rubber block into powder. Waste tire treatment equipment is suitable to international development and management way. It merit on that can recovery the waste tire to rubber reaching to the availability 100% and use the rubber in recycle. Owing to no second pollution in production process, it is really recycling rubber and long duration development. It is a future developing mould that emerge the protection environment and reuse resource through product rubber powder from waste tires.

    The rubber powder are widely used and hardly coverage all lines. It can replace the materials such as plastic and PVC, instead of nature rubber, is rebirth tires.

    It is used in sport runway and shoe sole. It sole can be used in highway, air trip as well as third generation railway sleeper as modification asphalt.


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