16 cloth wet wipe production line

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The main technical parameters

Machine model: LC-BL16 automatic wet wipe production line

Applicable materials: spunlace non-woven fabric, hot air cloth, biodegradable non-woven fabric, etc.

Original book weight: 35-60 g/㎡

Original fabric specification: same core double roll width 210mm×2 ¢1200mm (optional large mother roll automatic slitting width 500-800mm ¢1200mm)

Folding style: continuous extraction & separate extraction

Expanded size: length 120-220mm×width 150-300mm

Folding size: length 120-220mm×width 90-120mm

Dosing method: independent dosing tube, each piece of wet wipes is added quantitatively and wet

Liquid volume control: 2.5-4.5 times flow meter measurement and control

Cutting method: synchronous roller cutter

Stacking method: independent control by servo motor

Stacked pieces: 30-120 pieces of LCD screen setting

Packaging method: full servo reciprocating packaging machine

Perforated labeling: simultaneous perforation, dual labeling system compatible with safety stickers

Roll film specifications: double roll-in, maximum diameter 380mm, maximum width 450mm

Roll film change: automatic roll change without stopping the machine

Packing size: length 100-330mm width 95-140mm height 10-90mm

Production speed: folding 4000-6500 pieces/min packaging 40-80 bags/min

Power requirements: AC380V 50/60Hz 20KW

Machine size: length 19500×width 3500×height 2200mm

Machine net weight: about 10000kg

Features of this machine

Control system: multi-axis motion controller

Drive unit: Servo motor

Operation interface: 10" LCD touch screen

Wet wipe cutting: high-speed roller cutter

Packaging method: end seal reciprocating packaging machine

Raw material splicing: automatic splicing of cloth rolls, film rolls, and self-adhesive labels

Joint inspection: online inspection

Liquid volume control: flow meter measurement and control, intelligent calculation


Date marking machine

On-line (outside) metal detection


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