How often does the mask machine need to be maintained?

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Due to the impact of the epidemic, masks have become close partners in our lives, which has greatly tested the production efficiency of masks. Now most of my friends wear disposable medical masks, which are produced by flat mask machines. Under such a large demand now, it is very important to do a good job in the maintenance and overhaul of the flat face mask machine, so what do we need to do when maintaining the flat face mask machine? Let’s briefly talk about it today.

1. Ultrasonic system

When inspecting the ultrasonic mask machine system, we need to pay attention to whether it is kept clean. For example, the ultrasonic electric box, vibrator, and welding head need to be kept dry. The connecting wire here must be firmly measured, and the degree of wear of the ultrasonic welding head must be checked frequently. .

2. Pneumatic system

The air filter cup of the mask machine also needs to be checked in time, and the air compressor should be drained by the way. In areas with high humidity, the air compressor should be drained every day, and all air pipe cylinders should be checked in time for air leakage. The cylinders are magnetically anti-inductive. Whether the orientation of the device can work normally.

3. Appearance

Masks are worn on the face. Especially during the epidemic, the requirements for masks produced are higher. Therefore, the production of masks needs to keep the mask machine clean and clean at all times. Workers and masters need to arrange for special personnel to shut down and cut off the power every day. After that, clean the work surface of the mask machine and the plate that holds the mask, but we need to pay attention to that we can't clean it directly with water. We need to use non-toxic and volatile cleaning fluids such as alcohol to clean the related equipment.

4. Electrical system

In this part, you need to check whether the circuit connectors of the mask machine are loose, whether the main power cords, branch signal lines, etc. are worn out, check whether the electrical box is kept dry, and whether the exhaust fan is working normally.

5. Transmission system

This part of the transmission system includes motors, gears, reducers, sprockets, chains, conveyor belts and other components. We mainly need to check whether the motor has dust attached to it and affect heat dissipation, and whether the gears and sprockets are oiled in time. Do a good job of cleaning, whether the connecting screws between the transmission parts are loose, whether the lubricating oil on the reducer is enough, fill in the lubricating oil in time to ensure that the equipment can operate normally.

6. Anti-rust

There should be no corrosive liquid on the mask machine. For example, sweat can easily cause the parts to rust. If it does not operate for a long time, it is necessary to apply anti-rust oil to the transmission system and rust-prone parts of the mask to ensure the service life of the equipment.


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