Electronic waste shredding and recycling production line

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With the rapid development of economy and technological progress, the electronics industry has developed rapidly and brought profound changes to mankind. At the same time, the replacement cycle of electronic products has been continuously shortened, and a large number of waste electronic products have become electronic waste and electronic waste. The circuit board of electronic waste is a more complex component structure, and it is also a part that is difficult to handle. If it is not processed, it will pose a great threat to our surrounding environment, and improper processing will cause environmental pollution.

ZY-BRB Circuit Board Recycling Line

After years of research and advanced technology, SUNY GROUP Machinery has developed waste circuit board recycling equipment, which can effectively process various waste circuit boards and other electronic and electrical materials.

Circuit board recycling equipment for all kinds of waste circuit boards, circuit boards, PCB boards, FPC boards, circuit board scraps, aluminum-plastic panels, waste TV boards, various types of waste home appliance circuit boards, waste circuit boards and other waste electronic products are crushed and crushed Then it becomes a non-metal mixture such as metal and plastic, and then a process route for separating metal and plastic and other non-metal through a high-voltage electrostatic separator.

The crushing, crushing, and separation system of the circuit board recycling equipment is rationalized and improved after it is compatible with the circuit boards containing electronic components. There is no need to remove the electronic components. The circuit boards containing electronic components can be directly processed into the crushing and crushing system for processing and production. The metal recovery rate is higher, and the metal recovery purity is as high as 99%.


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