Waste wire and cable processing technology and equipment

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Dry-type copper rice machine, also known as waste wire and cable recycling equipment or copper rice wire and copper rice integrated machine, has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation, stable operation, intelligent control, and high output. It is currently the preferred equipment for waste wire recycling. With one feeding, multiple machines can assist in completing the operation. Equipped with separation equipment, the processing capacity is large, and the material separation effect is good. It not only solves the shortcomings of copper extraction by incineration, but also improves the quality of copper and plastic recycling. Waste wire and cable copper rice recycling and sorting equipment not only overcomes the waste of resources and secondary pollution in traditional mechanical wire recycling, but also improves the metal recycling in waste wires and cables more effectively.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

The structure of the dry copper rice machine is that the bottom of the crusher is equipped with a feeding conveyor belt, and the bottom discharge port corresponds to the bottom of the feeding conveyor belt. The middle of the feeding conveyor belt is equipped with a magnetic separator. The magnetic separator is connected to the iron powder outlet and the feeding is conveyed. There is a separation bed under the top of the belt, a frequency conversion controller on one side of the separation bed, a copper meter outlet on the front side of the top, a plastic outlet on the rear side, a front regulator on one side, a rear regulator, and a dust suction port on the top. A transparent soft cover is arranged around the dust opening to wrap the top of the separation bed. The suction opening is connected to one end of the vacuum tube, the other end is connected to the vacuum fan, the top of the crusher is connected to one end of the vacuum hose, and the other end is connected to the middle of the vacuum tube to vacuum The fan is connected to the upper end of the dust collecting pipe, the lower end is connected to the upper end of the draft tube, and the lower end is connected to the dust collecting box. The advantages of the patented technology of the utility model: the effect of processing waste cables is good, and the iron powder that may be contained can be removed. Adjustable speed, power saving and energy saving, uniform speed. It can effectively absorb the dust generated during separation and protect the environment.

The waste wires are recycled through the production line through the dry copper rice machine mechanical crushing, belt conveying, magnetic iron removal, gravity separation and electrostatic separation, and the fiber in the waste wire and cable and the dust generated in the production process are removed through the dust removal system. Effective centralized processing, thus effectively eliminating environmental pollution. It is suitable for processing various household wires, wires and cables, communication cables and communication optical cables, etc. It can ensure that the insulation layer and the conductive core layer of the waste wires and cables are separated and broken And recycling.


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