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The working process and principle of the four-side sealing wet tissue packaging machine

Time:2021-07-09 10:23 Author:Suny Group

The four-side sealing wet tissue packaging machine is a new generation of packaging machine independently developed by our technical staff combined with international paper and non-woven packaging equipment to meet the requirements of customers at home and abroad. The whole machine adopts integrated design of light, electricity and gas, and has advanced technology. It is one of the most advanced paper and non-woven packaging equipment in the world. It can be used to produce small-package wet wipes and wet wipes in four-side sealing packaging, such as: feminine care wipes, makeup remover wipes, medical disinfection wipes, isopropyl alcohol wipes and lens wipes, computer cleaning wipes, wipes Wet wipes for shoes, wet wipes for aviation, wet wipes for catering, etc. The equipment is advanced in technology, stable in performance, simple in operation, beautiful in packaging, and firm in continuous air pressure sealing to ensure the tightness of the product.

Single 4 Side Wet Wipes Machine

Features of Four Side Sealing Wet Wipes Packaging Machine:

1. Suitable for four-side sealing products such as wet wipes, alcohol cotton pads, cotton pads and disinfection cloths.

2. PLC touch screen control, simple drive system, stable and long-lasting operation, simple operation, low operation and maintenance cost, can be freely set up single pack, double pack (at most four packs of alcohol cotton sheets).

3. The fault will be automatically alarmed and the display is clear.

4. Positioned stop function, no sticking to the knife, no wasting of film

5. You can choose to clean the outer cover, low pollution, low noise, stainless steel body, beautiful and durable.

6. Adjustable mold design to realize the production of wet wipes with different packaging sizes in one machine.

7. Four-side-sealed wet wipes are packaged in a single piece to make the product even better.

8. The metering pump imported from Japan is adopted, and the filling volume is accurate to 0.01ml.

9. Touch screen + PLC operation, temperature, speed and wet wipe length can be adjusted freely.

10. The key parts of the machine adopt well-known brands to ensure the stability and service life of the machine.

11. Servo motor controls key actions to improve the accuracy and stability of the machine.

Working Process of Four Side Sealing Wet Wipes Packaging Machine

Non-woven fabric folding---adding liquid---cutting---packing into bag---sealing---steel self-encoding---opening and easy tearing---finished product output

The main reasons for the imperfect seal of the four-side seal wet tissue packaging machine are as follows.

(1) The heat-sealing temperature of the wet tissue packaging machine is not enough. The problem can be solved by appropriately increasing the heat-sealing temperature.

(2) The surface of the heat-sealing knife is not flat enough. The heat-sealing knife is divided into upper and lower pieces. Usually thermocouples are installed in them to sense the temperature transfer. There are three screws on the heat-sealing knife. The screw in the middle plays the role of supporting and strengthening the blade. The other two screws are equipped with pressure springs and gaskets, which are mainly used to adjust the pressure of the heat-sealing knife. There are two springs for the upper and lower blades. . The main reason for the uneven surface of the heat-sealing knife is that the middle screw is installed obliquely, not horizontal; or the pressure spring of the heat-sealing knife on the wet tissue packaging machine is uneven. The solution is to re-correct the position of the middle screw to make it level. If the upper and lower heat-sealing knives are unbalanced, it must be achieved by adjusting the pressure spring, and it can be adjusted to a moderate value. When the spring is retracted outward, the heat-sealing knife will fall downward; when the spring of the lower blade is tightened upward, the heat-sealing knife will move upward.

(3) Uneven pressure of cold-pressed rubber wheels of wet tissue packaging machine Uneven pressure of cold-pressed rubber wheels can also cause this kind of faulty seal. The solution is similar to the first case.




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