How much do you know about the double shaft shredder?

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In the waste resource recycling industry, the dual-shaft shredder can meet a variety of different waste recycling requirements, and is suitable for shredding thick and difficult to shred materials, such as: electronic waste, plastic, metal, wood, waste rubber, packaging barrels, pallets, etc. There are many types of recyclable materials, and the shredded materials can be recycled directly or further refined according to requirements. It is suitable for industrial waste recycling, medical recycling, electronics manufacturing, pallet manufacturing, wood processing, household garbage recycling, plastic recycling, tire recycling, papermaking and other industries. The double-shaft shredder has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, low noise, etc. It adopts PLC electrification control system, which can be automatically controlled, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.

Double Shredder Machine

working principle:

The double-shaft shredder adopts double-shaft independent drive, so that the material will be pressed correspondingly during production to achieve the automatic feeding function. The unique cutter shaft structure and the four-corner rotary cutter can be used in the production process of low speed and high torque. , There will be no winding shaft or jamming of the equipment, thus improving the production efficiency. The equipment is suitable for the crushing of various materials with high toughness and viscosity.

Wear-resistant cutters: The cutters of the double-shaft shredder are made of alloy tool steel casting, with long service life and high shredding efficiency. The thickness of the cutter and the number of claws can be replaced according to the customer's different material requirements.

Bearing knife shaft: The bearing adopts the split and easy disassembly type, which can quickly remove the movable knife, fixed knife, bearing and other components, easy to maintain and replace the knife, and the unique sealing structure effectively prevents the contact between broken objects and grease.

Movable knife fixed knife: The movable knife material is made of special special alloy tool steel forging blanks, precision machining, multiple heat treatment and low temperature freezing heat treatment technology; the fixed knife adopts the hook type installation, optimizes the tool replacement function, and makes the tool maintenance more efficient.

Advantages of double shaft shredder equipment:

1. The equipment can crush large metal materials, basket materials, pipes, plates, wood, tires, and large rolls of film that are difficult to powder by the single-shaft shredder;

2. The combined structure of the extra-thick plate precision processing frame, the powerful rotating shaft of the large-angle hexagonal column, and the large-diameter sturdy input hopper, so you can safely put in large-scale raw materials;

3. Design and process a unique rotary knife in terms of thickness, shape, arrangement order, etc., with strong shearing force and sharp blade, which can achieve powerful crushing;

4. PLC control, when the processed material is too large, it is equipped with forward and reverse rotation and shutdown functions to protect the body;

5. Low speed operation, low noise and less dust;

6. The tool is made of special alloy steel, strong and durable.


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