Waste lithium batteries are processed through lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment

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Discarded lithium batteries can be processed through a kind of waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment. The waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment increases the pretreatment link before the lithium battery raw material recycling and adopts more advanced preparation technology equipment to extract the waste lithium. Various elements in the battery, including nickel, cobalt, manganese, copper, aluminum, etc., the equipment process production line while reducing subsequent pollution, obtain high value-added recycled materials, improve economic value.

Lithium Battery recycling plant

The use of mechanical and physical methods, the use of mechanical shredding, smashing and recycling of failed lithium batteries, and the configuration of odor purification facilities and environmentally friendly dust removal facilities can effectively reduce the pollution caused by new chemical substances in the recycling process, and it is easier to achieve production and efficient treatment; as follows; Detailed introduction of separation technology:

Recycling methods for waste lithium batteries,

(1) Remove the packaging of the used battery and release the residual power contained in the single battery;

(2) Use battery shredding equipment to open the battery shell and separate it by magnetic separation;

(3) Use pulverization technology to separate the battery pole core waste from the shell, and use a dry mechanical separation method to separate the valuable metals in the positive and negative electrode materials of the core material.

(4) The water spray system solves the volatilized smell of the electrolyte when the steel shell battery is shredded. The air purification system and the pulse dust removal system are used for the recovery of the diaphragm paper and the dust recovery.

The pretreatment and recycling equipment for scrap lithium batteries is mainly responsible for the full discharge of used lithium ion batteries, the crushing of lithium ion batteries, the sorting of various materials after crushing, and the collection of materials after crushing, etc., to ensure the requirements of the next process and the necessary Safety protection and dust removal and purification device. The separation in the lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment consists of magnetic separation and winnowing. Magnetic separation can separate the ferromagnetic materials from the crushed materials; winnowing can separate the powder and lighter plastic diaphragms in the crushed materials. It is sorted out, and part of the volatile electrolyte adhered to the material is drawn out with the wind; the pretreatment and recycling of waste lithium-ion batteries is mainly to use mechanical equipment for crushing, winnowing and pulverizing the recycled waste lithium batteries after discharge. , Gravity sorting, sieving, etc., to effectively separate the active materials on the positive and negative pole pieces from the copper and aluminum foil, and process the battery into materials containing valuable metals.


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