Waste aluminum-plastic packaging recycling technology-environmentally friendly aluminum-plastic pane

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Environmentally friendly aluminum-plastic composite panel separator-waste aluminum-plastic packaging recycling technology, so that the difficult-to-recyclable waste aluminum-plastic packaging can not only separate plastic, but also make aluminum. Aluminum-plastic composite packaging is widely used in food factories, pharmaceutical factories, etc. Product packaging in the industry. And the amount is increasing year by year, and its waste materials and scraps also increase. Because aluminum and plastic are stuck together, they cannot be used for aluminum smelting, and they cannot be used to produce recycled plastics. They can only be discarded and incinerated, which pollutes the environment. And waste resources.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine

The environmental protection process of the aluminum-plastic separator recycling aluminum-plastic composite packaging materials: physical dry separation, crushing, grinding, and sorting waste aluminum-plastic composite materials to obtain aluminum and plastic separation, and then obtain recycling equipment. Since most of the aluminum-plastic composite materials are made by hot-pressing and sealing, it is difficult to separate. Therefore, in addition to crushing, it needs to be milled and equipped with a rotary vibration screening device to ensure complete separation of the materials, and then through electrostatic separation. , The separation purity of aluminum and plastic can reach more than 99%! No heating, incineration, water and chemical raw materials are required, and there is no environmental pollution.

The whole aluminum-plastic board or other materials with a width of 180cm or less and a thickness of 14mm or less, as well as all kinds of agglomerates with a diameter of less than 180cm can be directly crushed and separated. The entire production line is mechanically automated, and only 1-2 people are required to operate the production, which reduces the manpower consumption. There are multiple silos in the production line. If one part is faulty, it will not affect the production and operation of other parts. Compounds with different conductivity between metal and non-metal can be sorted under certain particle size conditions by changing the screen in the equipment and adjusting each part.


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