Circuit board recycling equipment | Waste circuit board processing equipment

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The environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment adopts the green crushing and sorting process to physically separate the metal and non-metal in the waste circuit board. The complete physical method optimizes the combined process of crushing-re-selection-electrical separation to realize the circuit board crushing, metal and non-metal Effective separation. The green comprehensive recycling process of waste circuit boards is as follows:

ZY-BRB Circuit Board Recycling Line

1. The environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment adopts hob four-shaft shredding for first crushing, hammer combined crushing for second crushing, cutter-disc grinding mechanism for third stage, water-cooled crushing chassis for second and third stages, and materials passing through one Two-stage, two-stage and three-stage pulverization will make the material into powder (50-80 mesh), which is then sorted by air-flow sorting, specific gravity sorting, and high-voltage electrostatic sorting equipment.

2. The waste circuit board is processed by three-stage pulverization to make it into a mixed powder of circuit board resin fiber powder and copper powder, and then the metal powder and resin fiber powder are separated by specific gravity separation by wind and high-voltage electrostatic separation. To prevent dust pollution during processing, an air pulse dust removal device is added behind the airflow specific gravity separator, which effectively solves the problem of dust pollution.

In order to separate and recycle the electronic components, copper, and non-metals (mainly glass fiber and resin) in the printed circuit board (PCB), the circuit board recycling equipment is divided into the following two parts to recover metals and non-metals: 1. Airflow specific gravity Sorting system, high-voltage electrostatic sorting part (hereinafter referred to as "sorting system"). The function of this part is to manually place the PCB light board on the belt conveyor and send it to the two-stage crusher for crushing into granules, and then pass the three-stage grinding, wind classification, gravity classification, sieving classification and high-voltage electrostatic sorting machine. Sorting and other links, the copper and non-metals in the PCB are separated and recycled. 2. Environmental protection system part (referred to as "environmental protection system"). The function of this part is to collect, remove dust and odor from the dust and odor generated by the PCB electrical sorting system, and then discharge it up to the standard.

Circuit board recycling equipment is a green comprehensive recycling technology for environmentally friendly disposal of waste circuit boards, making full use of resources, establishing a circular economy model, and reducing environmental pollution, which is of great significance to the realization of sustainable economic and social development.


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