The characteristics of the copper drawing machine for dismantling the stator of waste motor

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The whole equipment is driven by hydraulic pressure. When cutting the wire, the waste motor stator is supported on the support column (roller structure), and the motor stator is developed by the copper chopping board. , (2) If any abnormal noise or motor failure is found, stop and check, and do not make a start-up test before the failure is found and eliminated. , One month can save you at least more than 20,000 expenses, if your equipment has a large output.

Best Electric Motor Scrap Processing Copper Motor Recycling Machine

Increasing production power, automatic cutting and cutting machinery, automatic feeding, then one month will save you a particularly large expenditure. At the same time, the machine slowly and gradually removes this. In addition, this equipment has a very high level of working power.

The stator dismantling and cutting machine is a newly developed stator coil dismantling machine developed by SUNY GROUP, which can be used for dismantling the motor coils of electrical products such as washing machines, electric fans, and electric tricycles. The machine has the advantages of fast thread cutting speed, efficiency of thread removal, small floor space, and small size. Greatly improve the efficiency of stator repair, copper and iron separation.

DC motor stator dismantling machine, industrial motor stator copper dismantling machine, stator copper dismantling machine, and multi-function stator dismantling machine mainly include body shell, cutter, support column, and copper chopping positioning plate.

First support the used motor stator on the support column, and position the motor stator by the copper cutting positioning plate, and control the cutter to cut off the copper coil of the motor stator through one of the foot switches;

Place the cut and cut motor stator with copper coils on the lifting platform, and use the manual switch to control the motor stator to rise to the positioning plate, and the positioning plate will limit the motor stator, and then use the foot switch to control the tongs to clamp Bite the copper coil.


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