Precious metal refining and extraction equipment technology

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Noble metals mainly refer to eight metal elements including gold, silver and platinum group metals (ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, and platinum). Most of these metals have beautiful colors, are quite resistant to chemicals, and are not easy to cause chemical reactions under normal conditions. The metallurgical process is formulated according to the characteristics of the precious metal materials processed. There are two types of precious metal-containing materials: one is mineral resources, which usually contain a variety of valuable elements, called primary resources; the other is renewable resources, which are precious metal products that are scrapped in the course of use. These types of resources are diverse, Various forms, taste ranging from a few ten thousandths to almost pure metals, become secondary resources. This article focuses on these two types of resources and outlines the innovation and upgrading of precious metal extraction technology and equipment.

Precious Metal Refine Machine

1. Innovation and upgrading of precious metal extraction technology:

1. The traditional process of precious metal gold, platinum and palladium: repeated melting and crystallization and repeated reduction and purification.

2. New technology of precious metal extraction: gold-platinum-palladium-gold mines are chlorinated with aqueous solution. The platinum-palladium gold ore is first melted, and after dissolution, it is reduced with reduced sulfur dioxide or sodium sulfate to control the reduction potential (increase the potential to control the mol degree) to reduce the gold It is made into crude gold powder and used for gold smelting. The remaining liquid contains platinum, palladium, zinc, bismuth and other metals. These metals are made of ammonium. Ammonium chloride is added. Palladium enters the liquid phase. When the solid phase is reached, the crude separation of platinum and palladium is completed. Then dissolve into liquid with aqueous chlorination, extract palladium with target, after extraction, load the organic phase, wash impurities with hydrochloric acid, and then back-extract with pure water or sodium hydroxide, adjust the raffinate after extracting palladium, and extract platinum with N235 , The extractant has a high extraction rate of platinum (99.95%). The extraction rate of base metals such as copper, iron, nickel, and cobalt is very small. The process is novel, the front and back are well connected, and the application range is wide. The platinum raffinate is used to extract base metals with p204, In the rhodium-iridium solution after gold-palladium-platinum extraction, it is precipitated with ammonium chloride for chemical industry and burned into platinum powder and smelted into platinum ingots.

2. Innovation and upgrade of precious metal extraction equipment:

1. Traditional equipment for extracting precious metals: mixing and clarifying tanks have the disadvantages of inability to extract multiple times, slow extraction speed, and poor extraction effect.

2. New equipment for precious metal extraction: developed from traditional equipment to modern CWL-M type new centrifuge. This equipment has good energy-saving effect and low power consumption. In terms of corrosion resistance, for highly corrosive systems, polymer composite materials are used instead of traditional The metal material solves the corrosion problem of the equipment. The upper suspension structure is adopted for the stable performance, the bottom bearing and mechanical seal of the equipment are eliminated, the equipment structure is simplified, and the traditional centrifugal extraction machine is easy to leak and mechanical For the problems of frequent failures and short service life, the equipment adopts a variety of mixed structures with good separation effect and small liquid holding capacity. Due to the strong process operation continuity, high degree of automation, greatly shortened cycle, improved recovery rate and product purity, great technical and economic benefits have been obtained, and it has become an important equipment and method for the separation and refining of precious metals.


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