Interpretation of the lubrication problem of metal shredder

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The metal shredder has the characteristics of heavy load, low speed, price difference and continuous production. In daily maintenance, various lubricating oils, especially the bearings on the main engine, have a huge bearing capacity. We should also pay attention to several related aspects in the daily lubrication management and use of bearings to improve work efficiency and extend the service life of bearings.

Mini Double Shaft Shredder

During the use of the metal shredder, the wear and tear increased significantly and abnormal noise occurred, indicating that the lubricant is not in good condition. In addition to material and design issues, it can be said that the selection of lubricating oil is not reasonable enough:

1. The viscosity is not suitable enough.

2. Mixed use of new oil and old oil.

Although this may have some short-term effects, the oil performance will be significantly reduced and the lubrication conditions of the metal shredder bearings will deteriorate. The increase in bearing wear will shorten the life of the bearing in a certain sense. Regarding how to lubricate the metal shredder when it is working, from the perspective of economic benefits, we should use oil more accurately and effectively. Whether to change the oil and when to change the oil, in addition to following the oil change period regulations, it should also be considered based on factors such as the operating time and operating rate of the equipment, so as to maximize the use of oil.


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