Circuit board recovery equipment (high voltage electrostatic separation type) features

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Circuit board recovery equipment (high voltage electrostatic separation type) features:

1. The circuit board special mill for crushing, high pressure electrostatic separation new process. Disassemble, crushing, dissociation, metal and nonmetallic material separation, high purity;
2. The key technology is to all kinds of waste circuit board special grinding dissociative equipment organic combine, in the production process to achieve greater energy saving effect, and realize the high metal separation rate;
3. Circuit board recovery equipment processing waste circuit board unit energy consumption per ton is only about 3/5 of the domestic similar products; Single set of equipment every hour maximum throughput 1 ton.
4. Circuit board recovery equipment price is only 1/5 of the domestic and foreign similar equipment -- a third, and copper recovery rate was 3% higher than the similar manufacturers - 5%.
5. Comprehensive performance is good, on the computer board, the computer board, television plate and other circuit board has a unique effect. To contain the capacitor pieces of all kinds of circuit board recovery also have compatible.
6. Circuit board recovery equipment production line is wind selection product upgrading of products, reduce power consumption than wind selection, and no noise, artificial less high automation procedures, improve efficiency, and at the same time, covers an area of more small, is waste circuit boards recycling and waste PCB recycling at present the most ideal production line.
7. Less labor, no pollution, no noise, circuit board recovery equipment put with flexibility.
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