The Advantages Of Brick Making Machine* full automatic block machine

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The Advantages Of Brick Making Machine* full automatic block machine 

1.With high pressure: MZJ360-3 fly brick making machine with pressure for 360 Ton.
2.Low investetment: our brick making machine is no need fire no need autoclave no need pallets and less labor cost. 
3.Low failure rate: our fly brick making machine making way is: shacking together with mechanical pressure. 
so that the bricks are high density, intensity height are heated by electricity,with non sticky characteristics, can reducing failure rate.
In addition,the brick was made just now can carry a adult male,and can be can be directly stacked.
4.Superior quality material: Machine body material is used 40#steel with 5 mm thickness;the material of mould is 40chromium; 
Using antifriction bearing device ,effectively reduce Galling and also with low noise.
5.Certificates: Our machine have passed the ISO 9001:2000 certificate, and also hold notional patent.
we are the only one who can producing the high pressure brick making machine.
6.The raw material is widespread: slag ,coal slag, construction waste, fly ash cement sand etc. 
we can making the raw materials formula for you, so that it is workable and also cost saving.
7.The capacity of our machine: MZJ360-3 with capacity is 3200-3600bricks/hr.
8.After sale service: our warranty period of main component is 1 year. 
we can also provide the engineers to overseas for technical guidance
9.Types of bricks:Lawn brick, standard brick,and so on.
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