Copper Wire Recycle Machine Makes Waste Wire and Cable Factory have High Production Efficiency

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A large number of cables are discarded every year. These discarded cables are copper or aluminum. The traditional disposal of used wire and cable is incinerated. It not only seriously pollutes the air environment, but also occupies a certain land use area. In today's society, we are vigorously developing environmental protection undertakings. It is necessary for us to re-use all kinds of materials that can be recycled. This is especially true for used wires and cables. For users who use it, the copper wire recycle machine is a very good copper-plastic separation device. The copper wire recycle machine can make the waste wire and cable factory have a relatively high production efficiency, and at the same time get good returns.

The copper wire recycle machine is designed according to various wire and cable. Whether it is used wire or ultra-fine wire, the copper wire recycle machine can separate the metal and the plastic. It is an environmentally-friendly machine for smashing used wires, circuit wires, miscellaneous wires, communication wires, data cables, and headphone cables, and sorting copper and plastic among them. It is also a waste recycling device. The copper wire recycle machine will separate the waste and pulverized copper and plastic. The wire recycle of plastics on the market is more than 2,000 yuan per ton. The wire recycle of copper metal is determined according to the purity, and its profit is relatively large. Generally speaking, every ton of waste miscellaneous wire contains about 40% copper, copper market wire recycle is about 40,000 tons, and the processing capacity is 40%, the value is 12,000 yuan, and the market wire recycle of used miscellaneous wire is generally 6000 tons. Use copper wire recycle machine to skillfully deal with the waste wire and cable to make money.

The copper wire machine can be used to handle the waste wire and cable. The Zhengyang copper wire recycle machine is a special equipment specially developed according to the characteristics of the waste wire and cable. The air separation machine adopts the high recovery rate of the waste wire and cable copper. The device has high automation, good operation and good stability. The whole process is mechanical separation mechanical separation, waterless smokeless discharge, no dust pollution, is an environmentally friendly recycling equipment. If you are interested in this device, please contact us in time.


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