UN Calls For Productive Global Action to Fight Plastic Pollution

Author:Suny Group

The expert group formed by the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) to propose options to combat marine plastics litter and microplastics has called for stronger global action. The call was given by the group which held its second meeting December 3-7, 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. The participants of the meeting supported a joint call for an international legally binding agreement on plastics and plastics pollution.

Steve Russel, Vice President-Plastics Division, American Chemistry Council (ACC) noted that there has been a rapidly growing awareness, especially in emerging economies, towards the need for coordinated action on prioritizing waste management. Although the participants at the meet did not agree on the new approaches to tackle the problem, there was a broad agreement on the need for innovative approaches.

The report presented by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) during the meet demanded introduction of levies on plastic products. The introduction of such a levy could reduce unwanted consumption and boost the use of recycled content. The levies thus collected could be used to clean up waste in developing countries, it noted. The WWF also highlighted the need for new legally binding treaties.

Meantime, certain environmental groups who attended the meet, called for reduced production of plastics, as better waste management will not be able to cop up with escalating plastics production rate.


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