Global Crude Steel Output Rose Marginally in Jan '19

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The global crude steel production edged higher marginally by 1% year-on-year in January this year. The latest production statistics published by the World Steel Association (worldsteel) indicates that global production totaled 146.71 million tonnes (Mt) in Jan ’19. This compares with the production of 145.18 Mt in January 2018.

The output by the Asian region has increased by 2.3% to total 102.55 Mt during the month. The region accounted for almost 70% of the global output. The production growth was led by China, whose monthly output surged higher by 4.3% over the previous year to 75.013 Mt. In second place was India with output of 9.18 Mt, followed by Japan with 8.14 Mt. The output by India and Japan registered 1.9% and 9.8% decline respectively.

The U.S. crude steel output surged higher by 11% during the month. This contributed to 7.3% jump in North American steel output. Canadian output too was up by almost 1%. On the other hand, Mexican crude steel output witnessed decline by 3.2% over the previous year. Meantime, South America saw 2.5% uptick in regional output, despite sharp production declines in Uruguay and Venezuela.

The EU crude output dropped by 3.5%, whereas the Other Europe region recorded 17.6% decline in output. The C.I.S region recorded 4.3% decline in production. The African output too was down by 5.4%. The Middle East output remained more or less unchanged in Jan ’19, when compared with Jan ’18. The Oceania region output totaled 523,000 tonnes, down by 5.2% from 552,000 tonnes in January last year.


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