EU-28 Iron Ore Imports Dropped 13%

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The trade statistics published by Eurostat suggest notable decline in imports of iron ore by the EU-28 countries during the month of February this year. The imports totaled 7.915 million tons, significantly down by 13.1% when compared with the imports of 9.105 million tons during the same month a year before.

The largest source of import was Brazil, with total supplies of 2.929 million tons in Feb ‘19. The supplies from that country accounted for 37% of the total imports by EU-28 countries during the month. The second largest exporter was Ukraine, whose supplies totaled 1.233 million tons. In third place was South Africa with 1.007 million tons. The above three countries have accounted for more than 65% of the total EU-28 iron ore imports.

Among member countries, the top three importers were the Netherlands (2.787 million tons), Germany (1.189 million tons) and France (924,000 tons).

The cumulative ore imports during the initial two-month period of 2019 totaled 16.286 million tons, down by 9.4% from 17.970 million tons of import during Jan-Feb ’18. Brazil exported 6.019 million tons, thereby accounting for almost 37% of the total EU imports during this period. The other primary sources of import were Ukraine (2.867 million tons), Canada (2.552 million tons), South Africa (1.344 million tons) and Russia (1.126 million tons). The imports from Brazil, Ukraine and Canada reported substantial decline when matched with those during Jan-Feb ’18.

The Netherlands (4.392 million tons), Germany (3.191 million tons) and France (2.278 million tons) were the top three importers in Jan-Feb ’19.


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