Indonesia Returns Plastic Scrap Containers Containing Hazardous Waste

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Indonesia will send back hundreds of containers of contaminated waste to respective countries of origin, mainly Western countries. The containers mentioned as containing scrap plastic for recycling were found to contain hazardous materials hidden in them.

The Indonesian authorities had conducted a check of approximately 2,000 containers at four of the country’s major ports during the three-month period from July to mid-September this year. Out of this nearly 550 containers were found to contain hazardous non-plastic waste, apart from food and liquid waste. As per authorities, nearly 300 containers have already been sent back to their respective port of origins. The paper work for re-exporting more than 200 containers is in the final stage.

Also, action has been taken against three importers who were found responsible for bulk of the above imports. One of the companies did not have necessary permits to import materials, said Heru Pambugi, Director-General of Indonesian Customs.

The highest number of contaminated shipments arrived at Indonesian ports from Australia. Of late, there has been a tremendous surge in the volume of plastic waste exported from Australia to the country. The other major sources of such shipments were the U.S., Germany, Greece, Belgium, Slovenia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Hong Kong, France and Britain, Customs officials noted.


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