Gold and silver lifting equipment for waste circuit boards

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In recent years, the electronics industry has developed rapidly, and the update rate of home appliances such as mobile phones and computers is getting faster and faster. Many waste home appliances have been casually discarded. Experts say that these discarded electronic wastes still have good use value. For example, some old mobile phones, computers, and other parts can be used to pick out gold-containing components and extract gold. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tons of gold-containing waste need to be processed. .

And one ton of electronic boards can separate 0.45 kg of gold, 1 kg of silver, 130 kg of copper, 20 kg of tin, and "electronic waste" has become a huge hidden industry.

With our process, the recovery rate can reach 99% and the purity is 99.9%. According to our many years of refining experience, one ton of electronic board can extract 350 grams of gold, 2 kilograms of silver, 120 kilograms of copper, 25 kilograms of tin, 25 kilograms of palladium, 10 kilograms of nickel, 10 kilograms of nickel, 400 kilograms of light board, etc. , Price list), as well as the electronics factory scrap material extraction gold and silver is even more impressive.

The raw materials for refining gold, waste circuit boards and electronics factory scraps are very rich and extensive, inexhaustible and inexhaustible, with long-term retention. E-waste as a "secondary resource utilization" has received great attention from various industries, and recycling has become an industry that hides huge business opportunities.

Precious Metal Refine Machine
Precious Metal Refine Machine

Our equipment technology has short process flow, convenient operation, no pollution, low energy consumption, low cost and strong adaptability; it can handle high and low content of electronic waste; simple equipment, low investment and easy to realize continuous industrial production.

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