What kind of waste wire can't the Cable Wire Recycling Machine crush?

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There are many kinds of waste wires recovered in the market, small copper rice machine manufacturers, then do you know which waste wires can not be crushed by Cable Wire Recycling Machine?

Cable Wire Recycling Machine
Cable Wire Recycling Machine

1. Waste wires such as electronic wire, shielded wire, flat cable, and sheathed wire can be processed quickly by automatic wire stripping machine, and do not require Cable Wire Recycling Machine to process.

2. Waste oil wires with a lot of oil stains need to be cleaned to be processed by Cable Wire Recycling Machine.

3. Use Cable Wire Recycling Machine to crush the waste wire and check the raw materials before feeding. There should be no other metal objects besides copper and aluminum in the raw materials, and the single volume of copper and aluminum materials should not exceed 0.3cm3 to avoid damage to the cutter .

4. The dry copper meter machine's handling of waste wire feeding volume should be controlled at about 30% of the machine's output, so as to avoid the accumulation of tail machine material caused by unadjusted single machine in time.

SUNY GROUP Cable Wire Recycling Machine is equipped with replaceable crusher screen and sorter screen, which can process most of the waste wire and cable on the market, such as: dismantling line, automobile line, motorcycle line, headphone line, copper Aluminum wire, communication wire, household lighting wire, network cable (CAT5 / 6), single-core cable, industrial cable, communication wire, single-core aluminum wire and other miscellaneous wires. The processing capacity of Cable Wire Recycling Machine is 300-500kg / h (according to different processing materials, the processing capacity will change). The recovery rate is> 98% (the recovery rate depends on the thickness of the raw materials). The purity of the output is> 99.8%.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine can process thick square wire, cable wire, automobile wire, motorcycle wire, electric vehicle wire, network wire, communication wire, home appliance dismantling wire, electronic wire and other raw materials. Its output is higher. The crushing and sorting method peels the waste wires and cables by crushing, and then separates the copper and plastic by means of airflow differentiation and electrostatic separation.


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