Aluminum-plastic separation and recovery equipment technology can realize the treatment of aluminum-

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At present, there are many aluminum-plastic composite materials in the market, so aluminum-plastic separation has become a hot spot for investment. The aluminum-plastic separation and recovery equipment is well-designed and uses physical separation technology. The crusher and high-voltage electrostatic separator and aluminum-plastic mill in the supporting equipment can realize the treatment of various aluminum-plastic composites and mixtures.

Aluminum-plastic recycling line
Aluminum-plastic recycling line

The characteristics of the new aluminum-plastic separation technology are: aluminum-plastic separator equipment can separate medicine board, aluminum-plastic board, aluminum-plastic composite film, etc., aluminum-plastic electrostatic separator has made great progress in technology. The aluminum and plastic separated by the aluminum-plastic electrostatic separator are clean and free from mixing, high selling price, low energy and separation agent consumption, low cost and high profit. The aluminum-plastic electrostatic separator production line can separate 0.85 tons of recycled plastic and ton of aluminum and plastic waste per ton. 0.15 tons of scrap aluminum not only protects the environment, but also produces considerable economic benefits.

Aluminum-plastic electrostatic separator is a new type of environmental protection equipment. Dry crushing and physical sorting are used to extract aluminum and plastic from aluminum-plastic composite film. The effective application of aluminum-plastic electrostatic separator not only can effectively improve environmental pollution, but also can achieve good waste recycling, effectively separating metals and plastics in some specific waste items, and the separated materials can be carried out Secondary processing and utilization not only save resources, but also produce good economic benefits. Therefore, the production and vigorous application of aluminum-plastic electrostatic separator is a multi-task.

With the development of science and technology, we all have a good disposal method for domestic waste that cannot be handled in daily life. We use aluminum-plastic separation and recovery equipment to recycle and reuse those aluminum-plastic composites and aluminum-plastic scraps. The profit space of aluminum-plastic separation and recovery equipment is also very large. In recent years, there have been many customers who have invested in aluminum-plastic separation and recovery equipment. Many people want to understand the aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment but do not know where to go, so I tell you to buy aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment must find a regular direct sales factory, so that the quality of the production equipment will be better.


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