Best Quality E-waste PCB Recycling Machinery

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Best Quality E-waste PCB Recycling Machinery,Electronic waste is pollution of the environment "virus". But now the environment virus and it is the bane, that is - circuit board recycling equipment. Circuit board recycling equipment adopted dry crushing, grinding, make circuit board materials such as metal and resin fiber powder mixture, then the metal and resin by high voltage electrostatic separator etc. Nonmetal separation process is obtained.

To prevent dust pollution in the process of machining, this equipment has adopted the dust removal device, effectively solve the problem of dust pollution, the indicators have reached the national standard. Circuit board recycling equipment is developed by combining domestic and foreign advanced technology. The equipment adopts the advanced physical recycling process; Crusher and high voltage electrostatic separation equipment developed by innovative is strong, the utilization of advanced and reasonable process route.

Best Quality E-waste PCB Recycling Machinery for all kinds of waste circuit board, computer boards, TV board, aluminum-plastic plate, copper plate, printed circuit board and processing waste recycling and disposal of waste electrical and mechanical crushing, and its high metal recovery and recycling metal purity as high as 98%.

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