Copper aluminium radiator cutting reycling machine

Time:2024-04-15 16:07:57 Author:Suny Group

Copper and Aluminum Radiator Cutting and Recycling Machine is a kind of advanced equipment specially designed for the treatment of waste air conditioner radiators. Its main function is to efficiently separate copper tubes and aluminum pieces from radiators for copper and aluminum recycling. This machine is particularly suitable for processing all types of radiator sheets, whether single or double-layered, such as air conditioning equipment and automobile radiators.

Copper aluminium radiator cutting reycling machine

Copper aluminium radiator cutting reycling machine

This radiator aluminum-copper stripping and separating machine offers an efficient and stable performance that quickly strips used radiator sheets and effectively separates the copper tubes from the aluminum foil. During the process, the radiator is neatly cut into 30-40 cm wide segments and then placed into the material inlet, and in just a few seconds, the copper pipes and aluminum flakes can be separated.

During the separation process, the copper tubes remain intact, while the aluminum flakes may be slightly broken when processing single-row radiators, but for double-row radiators, the aluminum flakes remain intact.

This machine is easy to operate and has a small footprint, making it very suitable for small-scale recycling manufacturers. Whether you are recycling used air conditioner radiators or disposing of other radiators, these machines can help you efficiently recover the copper and aluminum from them.

The introduction of these copper and aluminum radiator cutting and recycling machines not only contributes to environmental protection and resource recycling but also provides an effective solution to the challenges of disposing of used radiators. By efficiently separating copper and aluminum, we can minimize resource waste and contribute to sustainable development.

The Copper and Aluminum Radiator Cutting and Recycling Machine is an innovative technology that is powerful and easy to operate. It not only provides an efficient way to recover copper and aluminum from used radiators but also offers a more flexible and viable solution for small-scale recyclers. We believe that with the wide application of this type of equipment, the recycling of waste radiators will become more efficient and sustainable.

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