Copper wire metal recycling machine

Time:2024-03-20 15:17:24 Author:Suny Group

Waste wire and cable are very common in our lives. Because it contains a large amount of copper wire, it has a high recycling value, SUNY GROUP developed the copper wire metal recycling machine to change the way of copper wire recycling, and efficiently recycle the copper metal in the waste wire.

Technical features:

Copper wire metal recycling machine

Copper wire metal recycling machine

a) Shredding by Shredder: According to the customer's demand for the equipment's output, it is equipped with a corresponding shredder to shred the waste wires. This process significantly reduces physical labor and improves the overall efficiency of the recycling operation.

b) Crushing and granulation: After the initial shredding process, the machine further crushes and granulates the copper wire into smaller particles or pellets to improve the efficiency of subsequent processing steps.

c) Separation Technology: The machine utilizes advanced separation technology to separate copper from other non-metallic components such as plastic insulators or rubber coatings. The machine effectively separates copper particles from surrounding materials through a combination of mechanical and electrical methods, ensuring the high purity of the recovered copper.

d) Dedusting system: To maintain a clean and safe working environment, the machine is equipped with a dedicated system. It captures and filters airborne particles generated during the recovery process, preventing environmental pollution and safeguarding the health of the operators.

Benefits and Advantages:

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a) HIGH RECYCLING RATE: Copper Wire Metal Copper Recycling Machine has an extremely high recycling rate and extracts a large amount of copper from the input material, which is generally 99% and above in purity.

b) COST EFFICIENCY: By automating labor-intensive tasks and streamlining the recycling process, the machine significantly reduces operating costs. It minimizes the need for manual labor and optimizes overall efficiency, thereby increasing the productivity and profitability of the recycling business.

c) Versatility: The Copper Wire Metal Recycling Machine is capable of processing a wide range of types and sizes of copper wires, cables, and other copper-rich materials. This versatility allows them to meet a wide range of recycling needs, making them a valuable asset for both small and large-scale recycling operations.

The Copper Wire Metal Recycler represents a breakthrough in recycling technology. Its advanced features, such as wire stripping, separation technology, crushing and pelletizing, and dust removal, make it an indispensable tool for efficient and sustainable copper recycling. If you need it or want to know more details please feel free to contact us for more information.


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