Global e-waste trade is still prosperous

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Environment programme (UNEP), according to a report released by the developing countries is the world's e-waste the main places of illegal dumping, smart phones and other electronic products to the environment and residents have brought serious harm, are now more criminals involved in e-waste trade.

According to the report, about 6 to ninety percent of electronic waste in developing countries, or by illegal smuggling networks sold everywhere, the amounts of billions of dollars.

In the absence of complete equipment, demolition waste electronic products, such as the copper, lead, and plastic parts not only to the surrounding areas of air, soil and water pollution, still can make in this extremely dangerous environment in remove workers face greater health risks.

In the western region in southern China and Africa, everywhere like garage small workshops, these small workshops on removal of waste electronic products to tens of thousands of workers to take out the valuable components. Now, the number of electronic waste is growing.

UNEP report shows that the current electronics industry produced 41 million tons of e-waste each year, and this is the fastest digital by 2017 could increase to 2017 tons.

Electronic waste most of illegal trade secret, the scale is difficult to determine, but the report estimates its trading at more than $19 billion every year.

Electronic products consumption is growing in Asia, and will gradually catch up with the oecd member countries. This means that the future is likely to be more and more dangerous goods be shipped to a lower level of wages, environmental standards more relaxed African countries.

The eu environmental law implementation and perform network (IMPEL) last year's survey, 56% of electronic waste flows to developing countries have entered into China, especially the pearl river delta region, so as to make China become one of the main "center" of electronic waste. Other "center" include Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, ivory coast, Ghana, Hong Kong and Vietnam, Pakistan, the democratic republic of Congo.


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