How is copper wire recycled step by step?

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For miscellaneous line scrap, scrap copper wire, fine wool, copper plastic composite wire, aluminum wire, sheathed wire. About lots of waste copper wire ,precious metal in copper .Copper wire recycling machine is a kind of machinery used to crush waste copper wire and separate copper and plastic.

Copper wire granulator machine is mainly used to make the double recycling use of metals and plastics from scrap cables and wires.The general process is as below:

1.We directly put waste copper wire in to Copper wire granulator machine ,waste copper wire and waste cable is cut into granules

2.Then granules are sent to vibration device for separation ,through wind and vibration ,the copper and plastic are separated

3.Then pure copper come from one side and pure plastic come out form the other side

4.we can collect copper and plastic ,the separated rate can reach 99.9%


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