How to deal circuit board can reduce environmental pollution?

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Every year, as more and more e-waste increases, the impact on the environment becomes greater and greater. How do we reduce the environmental pollution of electronic products in daily life? The emergence of circuit board recycling equipment successfully solved this problem. The circuit board recycling equipment manufacturers then described how to reduce environmental pollution.

In this digital era, whoever notices the circuit board, many electronic products are scrapped each year, and the resulting circuit board recycling is also a problem. Most of the current market is through open burning, acid washing and other soils. The method, although it is able to extract metal from it, waste liquid waste that can be generated will cause secondary pollution recovery and treatment of the atmosphere, soil, and water. In order to solve this problem, the World Aviation Machinery Plant has, after years of research, produced circuit board recycling equipment. The equipment can not only use waste, but also reduce environmental pollution.

The circuit board recycling equipment adopts a dry physical mechanical process, and the used circuit boards are broken into coarse crusher after being broken by a coarse crusher, and then ferromagnetic substances are separated by a magnetic separator, and are separated by a high-frequency pneumatic separator. Out of non-metal and copper and other metals, the final selection by electrostatic selection precision. The rapid elimination of electronic products poses a great threat to the environment. If it is not handled scientifically, it will not only cause serious pollution to the environment, but also waste resources. Circuit board recycling equipment has played an important role in the extraction of metals from e-waste using scientific technology and has promoted resource regeneration.


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