How to deal with?A large number of mobile phone become electronic waste

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Mobile phone has become the world's largest and replace the highest frequency electronic products, and China is the replacement of mobile phone one of the highest frequency. Data show that the Chinese change the frequency of the mobile phone is 8 to 12 months, that is to say, every year, nearly 80 million old cell phones.

Contains a large number of harmful substances used mobile phones, produce great harm to the environment, how effective governance and recycling has become a big problem.

Mobile phones update speed out of the old

Of all the electronic products, mobile phone is one of the most updated varieties. Because of the new technology innovation in the field of mobile phone is very outstanding, each technical details of innovation can be launched a new mobile phone. Data, according to a survey in the United States, consumers on average every 18 months will buy a new cell phone.

Every year there are a large number of mobile phone become electronic waste elimination. It is reported that the global mobile phone sales about 1.7 billion units a year, including the United States a year sales for 340 million. According to the report, released in 2012 the United Nations environment programme (unep), discarded mobile phones around the world each year about 400 million units, including the United States abandoned 130 million units a year.

A lot of waste mobile phones, if get recycling, it will save us many precious metals, because the phone contains a lot of precious metals and non-ferrous metals, far more than the content in the ore, its content can be extracted by precious metals recycling machine to precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and can achieve the purity of 99%.


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