How to dismantle and recycle a motor for scrap?

Time:2024-03-16 17:23:25 Author:Suny Group

Dismantling and recycling used motors is an important practice to promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact. In this article, we'll provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how to disassemble a motor, highlighting the key equipment and techniques involved in the process.

Motor disassembly equipment is used to separate the rotor and coil of the motor and recycle used motors. It separates the copper wires and silicon steel sheets by realizing the decomposition and separation process of the motor. Generally speaking, motor disassembly equipment consists of two pieces of equipment: a copper cutting machine and a copper drawing machine, both of which use hydraulic principles. The copper cutting machine is mainly used to cut the copper wire in the motor stator, while the hydraulic copper pulling machine is used to pull out the cut copper wire in the motor stator from the other end. The applications of motor disassembly equipment mainly include copper shearing machines (used to cut off the copper wires of the motor stator) and hydraulic copper pulling machines (used to recover the copper wires in the motor stator).

Waste motor disassembly and recycling machine

Waste motor disassembly and recycling machine

The motor dismantling equipment replaces the manual work of dismantling the used motor stator and realizes the recycling of copper coils (enameled wires) and stator cores (silicon steel sheets). The recycled copper coil (enameled wire) and stator core (silicon steel sheet) can also be reused, avoiding material waste.

In our daily life, we encounter all kinds of waste motors, and motor disassembly equipment has become a common equipment for dismantling waste motors such as washing machine motors and air-conditioning compressor motors. Through the cutting and copper drawing machine, the copper wire can be pulled out from the other end of the motor stator, thereby realizing the recycling of silicon steel sheets and copper wires, and these materials can be reused by the motor manufacturer.

The dismantling and recycling of scrapped motors is an effective way to reduce waste and promote the reuse of precious resources. By following the steps outlined in this guide, and utilizing the necessary equipment, you can effectively disassemble your motor and ensure responsible recycling of metal parts. If necessary, you can contact us at any time for consultation.


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