How to recycle waste lithium batteries such as automobiles, computers and mobile phones?

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Lithium battery electronic products can be seen everywhere in our daily life, compared to mobile phones, laptops, tablet computers, electric toothbrushes, electric car products, so a large number of scrap lithium batteries will be generated every year, so how to recycle these lithium batteries Can you turn waste into treasure?

scrap lithium batteries
scrap lithium batteries

At present, the recycling of waste lithium batteries mainly adopts mechanical and physical methods, which can effectively avoid secondary pollution during the recycling process.

The new type of lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment solves the process flow of waste lithium battery recycling and treatment:

The new type of lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment is an environmentally friendly solution to the recycling and processing of waste lithium batteries. The recycling of lithium batteries can be concentrated on the recovery of precious metals in the positive electrode material, and the aluminum and lithium cobalt oxide in the positive electrode material of the scrap lithium battery can be separated, and the separator paper can be separated. . The system includes a feeding platform, a conveyor, a crusher, an analyzer, an induced draft fan, a collecting device, a pulse purifier, and a grading screen and sorting machine. The whole production line of lithium battery treatment equipment adopts physical treatment methods such as mechanical crushing and separation to recover and separate the positive electrode material in the lithium battery. The whole process does not add any chemical components, does not use any chemical treatment process, and is completely environmentally friendly.

Equipment process:

1. The material from the conveyor is sent to the primary crusher for coarse crushing, and the coarsely crushed material is sent to the secondary crusher through the conveyor for secondary crushing.

2. The material crushed by the second crusher enters the conveyor and a magnetic separation device is set to separate the iron in the material.

3. After the iron is removed by the material conveyor and magnetic separator, it enters the three-crusher for fine crushing, and the material is crushed to powder.

4. The material in powder state enters the cyclone separator from the negative pressure system for air filtration, and falls on the air separator through the fan, and is sorted by the air separator, so that the materials of different densities are stratified to obtain the metal fraction. Selected, and all non-metals are brought into the pulse dust collector by the negative pressure system for concentration.

5. The filtered tail gas will continue to be sent from the negative pressure system to the tail gas treatment equipment for air purification, so that it can reach the emission standard before being discharged at high altitude.

Lithium Battery recycling plant

The recycling of waste lithium batteries mainly focuses on the recovery of positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials and waste hard-shell batteries. During the recycling process, waste lithium batteries will release residual power and facilitate recycling. Among them, the positive electrode material of waste lithium batteries contains cobalt and nickel. , Lithium, aluminum and other metals.

Through the new copper and aluminum re-screening technology of waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment, waste lithium batteries double the regeneration value of waste lithium batteries, promote the economic efficiency and efficiency of lithium batteries, and become the lithium battery industry and waste lithium batteries. The key equipment production line for transformation, upgrading and sustainable development, and the environmentally-friendly processing technology of waste lithium battery treatment equipment, really solve the problem of lithium battery recycling and treatment.

The above is a detailed introduction on the recycling and reuse of scrap lithium batteries. I believe you also have a certain understanding. If you are interested in related equipment or projects, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will serve you wholeheartedly!


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