KF94 fish mask machine equipment function introduction

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The KF94 fish mask machine is an equipment that automatically produces the body of the fish mask machine. From the material feeding of the fabric to the cost of the mask body, the cost of the mask body is automatically completed at one time, the plate nose strip, ultrasonic embossing LOGO, breather valve control, three-folding, ultrasonic welding forming, finished product cutting, counting and collecting, etc. The entire process is automated, and the output is high! KF94 fish Functions and characteristics of type mask machine equipment:

Kf94 Fish Shape Mask Making Machine

1. Advanced feeding and receiving device.

2. PLC automatic control, automatic counting.

3. The mold adopts extraction and replacement method, which can quickly replace the mold and produce different types of masks.

4. The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and firm without rust.

5. Three-dimensional mask machine body such as fish-shaped dust mask machine can be processed, and the processing can be completed in one time.

6. High stability and low failure rate.

7. Simple adjustment device, easy to change materials.

The KF94 fish-shaped mask machine is a fully automatic machine for the production of fish-shaped mask bodies. It uses ultrasonic technology to bond 3 to 4 layers of PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter materials, and cut out the fish-shaped mask body. Process 3M9001, 9002 and other mask bodies.

1 tow 1 pure electric servo automatic fish type KF94 mask machine, more than 80 pieces per minute, 9 servo motors, can realize the outer ear can be automatically folded into the inner ear, which is convenient for packaging. It can be directly connected with the packaging machine to be independent packaging or multiple Package. Mass production price concessions are basically in stock. The power supply voltage is 220V, there are 50HZ 60HZ free choice, there are multiple operating languages, such as Chinese, English, Korean, export to the world, whichever language you need can be customized.


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