New Trend of Environmental Protection Industry

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With many changes happen such as the great improvement of income per capita and environmental consciousness and the fast development of globalization, environmental protection also sees a series of changes. What are these new trends at present?

In the past, the development of environmental protection is mainly for the need of environmental benefit. Simply speaking, we are in a command mode. Now it is gradually replaced by Community-Market-Regulatory (CMR). Once it is completely formed, those sensitive multinational companies will expand quickly and strongly promote the development of environmental protection. For example, those companies in Japan, Korea and the West, invest in China and other Asian countries for existence in globalization. The giant in international investment, Buffett becomes a shareholder in BYD, the biggest manufacturer of battery, which shows its interest for new energy.

Besides, the market focus of environmental protection industry is gradually turning to developing countries. At present, demand in the domestic market of environmental protection in developed countries has tended to balance while the position of developing countries in this aspect has greatly improved. According to a survey of Caesar Consulting Company, an authoritative Germany company in environmental protection and biological sciences research, China’s environmental protection market grows quickly, including drinking water market, metal recycling market and solid waste recycling market. At the same time, other Asian countries also have good performance in environmental protection.

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