Reasonable complete Swiss e-waste recycling plan

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Switzerland has formed a set of complete garbage collection system at present, almost all electronic waste can be for recycling, proper handling and will cause harm to the environment to a minimum.

Concrete can be divided into 23 Swiss recycling system is a recycling system, including aluminum, CDS and DVDS, battery, biodegradable waste, chemical waste, electrical and electronic waste, etc.

In electrical and electronic waste recycling system, for example, Switzerland in 1998 promulgated the "electrical and electronic products regulations on the return, recycling and disposal, the regulation of legislative purposes including: prevent electronic waste from entering the city life garbage; Components of electronic waste containing dangerous substances classification; In economy, technology and reasonable under the premise of maximum recycling of these materials.

In addition, they also require a e-waste recycling is the duty of consumers and retailers, must use the best technology for recycling and disposal of electronic waste, e-waste disposal must obtain business licenses issued by the environmental protection department, the export of electronic waste must be issued by the federal ministry of border garbage transfer license.

Switzerland is the first country to establish formal appliances recycling system, at present has formed materials, electrical appliances manufacturer or importer, electronics retailers, consumer, electrical appliances retail locations or collection points, electrical handler complete garbage collection system.

Electrical appliance manufacturers and importers must for Swiss market of electrical equipment in each payment disposal charge in advance. These fees are used to the existing electrical waste collection, transportation and processing.

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