Recycling and Utilization of Electronic Waste

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Electronic waste can be said to be very common in our daily life, such as mobile phones, computers, household appliances, etc. When dealing with these electronic wastes, we need to adopt different treatment methods for different types to turn waste into treasure. So how to recycle e-waste?


The first is to dismantle and classify e-waste. For example, the disassembled shell, usually plastic or metal, can be recycled again. The other is the core component of e-waste - circuit board. Not only is it large in quantity, but it also contains various precious metals, and its recycling value is also the largest.

For these waste circuit boards, the circuit board recycling production line of suny group can be used to disassemble the waste circuit boards, crush and grind powder, and then screen to obtain metal powder and resin powder. Precious metals such as gold are extracted and recycled.

In addition, the standardized recycling and dismantling of waste electrical and electronic products can also reduce the damage to the environment caused by mining. The energy consumption of gold, silver, copper and other metals through recycling is only 10% of mining.

For the recycling and reuse of electronic waste, it is necessary to design solutions according to the specific needs of customers. As a professional manufacturer of electronic waste recycling equipment, SUNY GROUP has rich experience and first-class technology. If you need it, please feel free to contact us. .


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