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Block machine full automatic Technology Description

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Block machine full automatic Technology Description

1)This machine can produce many kinds of cement products, such as hollow blocks, solid standard bricks, blind-hole bricks, pathway bricks, square bricks, high way shoulder, road-rim bricks and so on.

2)multi-used. It can satisfy all the needs of the market, and it can low the investment risk for the user in the largest extent. 

Block Machine Full Automatic Technical Features 

1)Classic vibration mode, particularly suitable for production of high-strength blocks, such as standard bricks. Short molding cycles, and higher efficiency. 

2)Vibration machine for efficient vibrator, exciting force powerful, the density effect of better products. 

3)Forming large area, can produce a variety of cement products, a wide range of production. 

4)Compulsory mechanical positioning, infantry expected rapid, uniform and manufactures precision, consistency, good. 

5)PLC automatic control systems, interactive user interface, the control system, security configuration logic control, production procedures and fault diagnosis display. 

6)The low cost of production, raw materials, make full use of sand, stone powder, flour, coal ash, slag, and other residue.


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