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Characteristics and work flow of waste circuit board crushing, sorting and recycling equipment

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Circuit board recycling equipment is used to separate metal and non-metals in waste circuit boards, copper clad boards, circuit boards and scraps, and then use copper and resin powder in them.

Product Features of Circuit Board Recycling Equipment:

1. Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance and low noise.

2. The waste circuit board recycling equipment adopts secondary crushing to achieve a processing capacity of 800 kg per hour.

3. The whole production line adopts negative pressure feeding to effectively reduce dust overflow.

4. The sorting rate of air flow sorting equipment is as high as 97%.

5. The high-voltage electrostatic separator makes the separation more precise and efficient, and effectively controls the loss of non-ferrous metals.

6. Equipped with magnetic separation function, which can separate iron from the material.

7. The waste circuit board reuse equipment adopts PLC to control the entire production line for uniform feeding and coordinated operation.

8. The crushing chamber adopts circulating water temperature control and noise reduction.

9. The recycling system makes crushing more efficient.

10. The efficiency of the pulse dedusting equipment is over 99%, which effectively suppresses the volatilization of dust, and fully meets the national environmental protection requirements "Integrated Emission Standard for Air Pollutants" GB16297-1996, without secondary pollution.

11. Bridges and guardrails are set up at the height of the complete production line to facilitate maintenance personnel to monitor and maintain the equipment in real time.


Circuit board recycling equipment

work process:

The waste circuit board recovery equipment uses a two-shaft shredder for the first crusher, a hammer crusher for the second crusher, and a high-speed turbine crusher for the third crusher. The material is pulverized into powder by three-stage pulverization, and then sorted by air flow sorting equipment and electrostatic sorting equipment.

This production line has a novel and unique structure; large production capacity and low power consumption; one feeding and multi-machine collaboration are completed; the entire production line is controlled by PLC. The successful development of this machine not only improves the quality of reused copper, but also prevents secondary pollution. After separation and sorting equipment, the copper reuse rate in waste circuit boards can reach more than 99%.

For the recycling processing of waste circuit boards, a single shredding, a second shredding, and a three-stage shredding are adopted to make it into a mixture of metal and resin fiber powders; and then the process route of separating metals from resins by wind and electrostatic separation. In order to prevent dust pollution during processing, a bag dust removal device is added after the wind sorting process, which effectively solves the problem of dust pollution.


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