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Electric scrap copper cable wire recycling machine

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Electric scrap copper cable wire recycling machine,Copper cable wire recycling machine's main function is used to recycle waste cable wire, it can put the wires in the separation of precious metal and plastic, recycle and reuse, and recycling equipment is currently widely used wire.

Electric scrap copper cable wire recycling machine Features:

1.can crush household electrical wiring, telephone lines, computer lines, automotive wire and cable in the 0.1-30 mm pelletizer.

2.use the dry processing, no water, no secondary pollution.

3.Copper cable wire recycling machine crushing waste wire/cable, PVC plastic machine automatic separation of copper, achieve the goal of comprehensive utilization, has high economic benefit.

4.Copper cable wire recycling machine overall modular structure, simple installation and debugging, and transport (customer purchasing power can be produced), and stable performance.

Electric scrap copper cable wire recycling machine Working principle:

After separation equipment to complete the cable is broken in the process of separation and recovery of copper and plastic. Equipment production pattern, good dust removal equipment, the product is controlled by control box. Successful development of the machine to solve the pollution caused by burning need copper. Not only improve the quality of copper recovery effect, and the advantages of recycled plastics. When directly into the machine, the use of cables and cut into granules in the process, copper and plastic separation but mixed together, and then sent to the particle separation equipment, vibration and vibration of the wind, copper and plastic separation, from one side and then come out pure copper and pure plastic came out from the other side, in the end we collect pure copper and plastic separation!

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