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Hydraulic ore powder ball press machine

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Hydraulic ore powder ball press machine,Ore powder ball press machine is widely applied to produce powdered charcoal and fine charcoal balls, it is ideal processing equipment for pulverized charcoal before its being putting into furnace for burning, which will not only increase burning time but also improve resource utilization ratio.

Our Hydraulic ore powder ball press machine can be used to compress powdery anthracite, soft coal, coking coal etc. the form charcoal briquettes used for generating power, BBQ, heating and burning in boiler. It is widely used in metallurgy industry, chemical industry and other industries.

Hydraulic ore powder ball press machine Features:

1.Ore powder ball press machine adopts screw-center adjusting pressure structure; so it can meet different materials' demand and make sure the briquetting effect.

2.Main coal briquette machine equipped with specially designed screw conveyor, thus can realize feeding steadily and cleanly for all kinds of raw material.

3.High pressure, high molding rate, high output, easy operation and no flying dust when the coal briquette machine working.

4.The final briquette pressed by the coal briquette machine is smokeless, non-toxic,no peculiar smell and environment protective and applicable to the outdoor or indoor barbecue with ventilation.

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