Tool for removing Copper from coils Motors

Time:2023-06-02 15:29:13 Author:Suny Group

Motor dismantling copper pulling machine quickly disassembles the motor coil equipment, washing machine motor stator insulation and ground automatic disassembly machine: the stator winding and the stator core are insulated 360 degrees. The motor dismantling and copper pulling machine is a motor recycling and dismantling equipment for waste motors. It is easy to use and easy to operate. It can be operated by one person, with high efficiency and fast speed, and can bring benefits. The device uses three-phase power and a 4 kW motor. Its working principle is: first cut off the copper wire at one end of the stator on the cutter, and then pull out the copper wire from the eight claws at the other end of the stator, so as to realize the separation of copper and iron. Pull the copper coil out of the stator to complete the disassembly of the stator.

Copper Motor Recycling Machine


Users can recycle copper coils and stator cores according to actual conditions. Suitable for motors of different specifications, diameter φ6CM-50cm (0.55 kw motor stator diameter is about 6cm, 90K motor stator diameter is about 40CM). It is suitable for manufacturers who return multi-burning motors and manufacturers who dismantle motors. The working capacity of this equipment is equivalent to the manual disassembly of ten workers. Moreover, the steel plate is not deformed, and the recovery output can reach about 1000kg in four hours.

Motor recycling copper

Grasping motor copper wire tool Motor copper pulling machine is also the equipment for dismantling the motor. The motor dismantling equipment is often used in the waste station to separate the wire winding inside from the silicon steel sheet. The motor dismantling equipment is generally divided into two pieces of equipment, a copper cutting machine and a copper pulling machine, both of which adopt the hydraulic principle and are mainly used to disassemble the copper wire and silicon steel sheet in the motor stator, among which the copper cutting machine It is used to cut the copper wire at one end of the stator, and the hydraulic copper pulling machine is used to pull the copper wire in the cut motor stator from the other end. What this machine shows is a copper cutting and pulling copper integrated machine, that is, the copper cutting and copper drawing processes share a set of hydraulic stations, and the large and small stators can share a set of equipment.


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